Deer Hunting Gear

In order to have a good hunt, you need to be willing to put quite a bit of effort into it. Deer are very nervous and cautious, so don’t expect to be able to hunt them right off the road. For a more successful hunt, you need to set aside time and have appropriate supplies to spend at least a few days in the woods. This will allow you to find deer in more natural habitats and hunt them more easily.

Food and Water

Before setting off on your hunting trip, it is essential that you have enough food and clean water for yourself and anyone else you are hunting with. You are likely going to be moving quite slowly and far away from civilization, so there will be no access to restaurants, fast-food, or grocery stores. Food and clean water will keep you properly nourished and give you the stamina needed for a good hunt. If you are going to be near a stream or river, you might consider carrying a water filtration system so you can drink on the go instead of having to carry your entire water supply.

Appropriate Clothing

Because you will be in the wilderness, you need to dress appropriately for the elements. Temperatures can drop significantly throughout the day, especially when the sun sets. Without proper heating, frostbite or pneumonia are very common in cold climates. A fire would alert deer of your presence and scare them off, so having warm clothing is essential for keeping you safe while maintaining high odds for a good hunt. When dressing for a hunt, make sure to layer for insulation and don’t forget keeping extremities—like your head, toes, and hands—warm. Additionally, you want to wear clothes that are not flashy and camouflage well with the environment. Bright colors will alert deer of your presence.


Because you will be spending a minimum of several days in the wilderness for your hunting trip, you want to have adequate shelter. Your shelter should be waterproof and warm. It should also be sturdy enough to withstand high winds and variable strong weather. Another factor you should think about when considering shelter for your hunting trip is security. While there probably aren’t many burglaries that occur on hunting trips, have you considered if your shelter is bear-proof? What about snake-proof? You never know what you might face in the wild. No shelter is completely secure from all predators and threats, so you want to make sure that if things go south, you will be able to exit your shelter quickly and safely.

Hunting Gear

Once your basic needs are met, it is time to start thinking about actual hunting gear for the trip. Talk to successful hunters about what gear they use. If you are planning on hunting deer, talk specifically to other deer hunters about what works best for them. When purchasing your own gear, make sure to buy from highly rated companies. Gear from these companies is more likely to be made out of high-quality material and will work well. The last thing you want is to start out on a hunting trip, miles away from society, only to find that the gear you bought is faulty or flimsy.

Deer hunting can be a great experience. It can be a great bonding experience, teach you or help you brush up on a lot of new and practical skills, help you get away from stress of the world and society, get you some delicious meat or eye-catching new wall décor, and help you reconnect with nature. However, in order to have an enjoyable and successful hunt, you need to adequately prepare. Proper preparation can help you avoid major injury, stay safe in variable conditions, and find and hunt prey more easily.

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