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Camofire Vault Membership

What's the Big Deal?

Everyone gets access to our Daily Deals, which is a limited selection of discounted gear on Camofire.com that change out every day, but now we're giving you the chance to look behind the curtain! Become a Camofire Vault Member for further offerings, better pricing, and free shipping perks. As a Member, you'll enjoy access to past deals that have expired on the home page, access to future deals before anyone else, deeper discounted on select items, AND free shipping days on certain days of the month.

Traditionally Camofire hasn't ever offered free shipping due to the heavily discounted deals we offer already. But now, Vault Members will have access to certain days in the month where orders can ship for free!


Signing up is easy. First, make sure you have a free Camofire.com account created and are logged in. Then come to this MEMBER DEALS page to sign up for the Vault Membership Program.

Try it for Free!

This is a brand new program that we are letting you into for FREE to try! This is a limited time trial, so once it's over, you'll have the option to reenlist for a small fee (which will be well worth the money of course).

Are You Ready?

Once you're logged in to your Camofire account, click the sign up button below to enroll and unlock the Vault, but only if you think you'd enjoy more deals, deeper discounts, and shipping perks.