Shipping Policy


We aim to ship wicked fast, often shipping within 24-48 hours (M-F) after you Pull the Trigger. We're that anxious to get you your gear! Aside from making you happy, this helps us clear space for more hunting deals to arrive in our warehouse. Once your order has shipped, an email with tracking information will be sent to the email address provided on the order.

Items that are oversized, heavy or delicate may be required to ship separately from other items in an order and will usually cost more to ship.

Shipping Carriers

We use three different shipping carriers to send out orders: FedEx, USPS, and Landmark Global. Package size/weight and shipping location are factors used in determining which carrier will be used for delivery. FedEx and USPS are used for most of our domestic shipping, including orders to Alaska, Hawaii, and US territories. Orders going to Canada are shipped via Landmark Global. Landmark packages may be delivered through their own delivery services or by Canada Post or UPS. Duties and taxes are paid upon checkout instead of delivery. We do not ship to countries outside of the USA and Canada.

Expedited Shipping

We offer FedEx Next Day, Second Day, and 3-Day services. One of these three FedEx expedited methods should be used if a guaranteed ship time is needed. Expedited orders through FedEx must be placed before 3pm Mountain Time, Mon-Fri in order to ship that day. Orders placed after 3pm Mountain Time or over the weekend will ship the next business day. FedEx expedited orders are delivered only Mon-Fri, unless otherwise noted, and shipping arrival time is guaranteed. Orders that do not arrive by the guaranteed arrival time are eligible for a shipping refund.

All other shipping transit times are estimates, provided to help in checkout and are not guaranteed. Except in the case of FedEx Expedited shipments, the listed transit time does not necessarily reflect when an order will be shipped, just how long a package is estimated to be in transit once it leaves our warehouse. We do our best to ship right away so the delivery date is as close to the estimated transit time as possible.

Economy Shipping

Economy shipping is a service that utilizes FedEx and USPS working in tandem and may take 5-15 business days in transit. Usually, FedEx transports the package most of the way and then hands off delivery to the Post Office closest to the final address. USPS then makes the final delivery. A FedEx tracking number is provided in the shipping confirmation email, but the tracking can also be watched on This can be done by adding “92” to the beginning of the provided FedEx tracking number.

This shipping method allows us to ship most packages under 10 pounds at low cost anywhere in the 48 contiguous states. While it is available as an option for Hawaii and Alaska, USPS Priority or First-Class Mail is usually a cheaper and better option. It is not offered for shipments to Canada. Those with a PO Box can also select the Economy shipping method.

PO Boxes and USPS Delivery

Customers shipping to PO Boxes should choose any USPS option or Economy Shipping in checkout. FedEx and Landmark Global do not deliver to PO Boxes.

If, for any reason, USPS does not or cannot deliver to your home, please do not select this option as it may result in a long delay as the package is redirected back to Camofire. Packages that are returned to our warehouse for bad or undeliverable addresses require additional shipping payment to be sent out again.

Combined Shipping

We designed combined shipping based on feedback from customers who wanted a better way to order multiple times per week, without paying full shipping costs for each order. Selecting “Start Combined Order” in checkout allows customers to save on shipping for orders that are placed within a 7-day time period.

At a Glance:

Camofire Shipping Protection Policy

We offer an optional shipping protection service for your package during checkout at Opting in will ensure you receive an easy and timely refund or placement for your order in the event that your package has been lost, damaged, or stolen. We will replace or refund your order within 5-7 business days of starting a claim.

If shipping protection has not been chosen and your package is lost, stolen or damaged, we will review the issue on a case-by-case basis and work with the shipping carriers to launch an investigation on their end which can take 3-4 weeks.

Protect your shipment against loss, damage and theft.

Types of claims we cover:

Packages presumed to be lost

Order issues for packages presumed to be lost by the carrier (where the status is not "delivered") must be filed no sooner than 7 days after the scheduled delivery date for domestic shipments (20 days for international shipments) and within 30 days from the order date.

Packages labeled "return to sender"

Does not cover packages sent back to our facility as “Return to Sender.” Customers may contact our customer support team to update the address for re-shipment or to request a refund once the package arrives back at our facility. Camofire will cover the customer’s order if the package gets lost in transit while being sent back to us.

Packages stuck in customs

Does not cover the shipment when a customer’s order is delayed in international borders/customs. The customer’s next step is to pay the customs fees, if applicable, or wait for the order to clear customs.

Claim filed too soon

If the customer is filing a lost package claim the same day that the package was marked as delivered, at our discretion Camofire may ask you to wait 5 business days before resolving the claim. Carriers (FedEx, USPS) sometimes prematurely mark the package as delivered while the package is still in transit.

Package marked delivered but missing package

Camofire considers this as stolen. Camofire requires a police report to be filed for stolen packages when the order is over $500 in value. Once the customer files the police report, they can send the police report number to Camofire customer service. Claims for stolen packages must be filed at least 5 days after the listed delivery date, but no longer than 15 days after, to ensure it was not misdelivered or found around the customer’s premises. If the mailing address was correct, but the package was delivered to the wrong address, Camofire will cover the shipment.

Package in Pre-Shipment

If a package remains with a status of “Pre-shipment” on the tracking for more than 7 days, we will assume that package is lost in transit and work with you to get a replacement shipped out. If the items are no longer available to send a replacement, we will work with you to process a refund back to your account.

Package arrived damaged

Does not cover damages that do not affect the functionality of the product (scratches, dents, etc.). At our discretion, we may offer a 10-15% refund depending on the severity of the cosmetic damage. Camofire will cover the cost of the items if damages affect the functionality of the product. Camofire may require further evidence of the customer’s damaged item (i.e. photos, videos, etc.).

Timeline to file claims

All claims must be filed within 30 days of the order date, unless the package was marked delivered and the order was not received, wherein the claim must be filed within 15 days.