What to Look For in Good Hunting Shoes

When you are hunting, you are usually out for at least a few nights up to a couple of weeks. There is often a lot of hiking or walking through various terrains involved. Because of this, good hunting shoes are needed to ensure a good hunting experience.


The first thing you should look when buying new hunting shoes is sturdiness. Hunting is not a walk in the park, and you want to have sturdy shoes that will hold up in variable weather and with lots of walking. Shoes that are not sturdy are much more likely to break or get holes in them. This would be very unfortunate and dangerous, especially if it happens at the beginning of a long hunting trip, because your feet would then be exposed.

Good Tread

Hunting shoes should also have good tread. When you are hunting, you are going to find animals in their natural, untouched habitats. This means that there aren’t any paved roads or trails. You will be walking and hiking over rocks, streams, and uneven or slippery ground most of the time. Having good tread will help you keep your balance over all sorts of variable terrain. Since you won’t be slipping as much with good tread, you will be able to be much quieter as you walk around. Being quiet is very important for hunting because animals have very sensitive hearing and loud movements will alert them of your presence. If animals know hunters or humans in general are around, they will be much more wary and keep a wide distance. This can make them much more difficult to find and hunt.


Because you will be traveling such long distances, it is imperative to find comfortable hunting shoes. Also, since you are usually carrying all or most of your things with you when you go hunting, you probably won’t have multiple pairs of shoes to change into throughout the trip. Thus, you want to choose a pair of hunting shoes that are comfortable enough to wear for days on end. Try looking for shoes that won’t cause blisters. If possible, wear your shoes before the hunting trip for short periods of time to break them in.


Hunting shoes should also be warm. Hunting in the mountains can mean walking around in lots of snow or very cold weather depending on where you are. Extremities such as your fingers and toes are usually the most susceptible to frostbite. In order to keep warm and healthy, your shoes need to have proper insulation for the conditions you are planning on hunting in.

When you are hunting, you are probably thinking about what type of equipment you are bringing or what route you will go on. However, just as important as these factors is what type of shoes you have. Good hunting shoes can make it much easier to move around and increase your chances of having a successful hunt.

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