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About Scent Lok

A pinnacle achievement was conquered when Scent-Lok Technologies was debuted in 1992. Scent-Lok believes that activated-carbon technology is the most advanced and effective odor-control system in the world for hunters.

Scent-Lok is the industry leader in scent-controlling apparel and they continue breaking the mold and developing new products. They are always researching the best methods for achieving maximum scent control to give the hunter the upper hand. The Scent-Lok system will perform like no other scent control system, and they back it with their unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee.

Popular Scent Lok Products

  • Mirage Lightweight Jacket and Pant
  • Full Season Recon Jacket and Pant
  • Lightweight Baselayers
  • Beanies and Ball Caps lined with Carbon Alloy