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About Russell Outdoors

Russell Outdoors is a company that loves spending countless hours in the field in the name of product research, they also spend months on end finding the right fabrics and apparel technologies to bring hunters the most comprehensive line of hardcore hunting apparel on the market.

All of Russell Outdoors gear is field-proven and gives you everything you need to outfit your obsession. They start by using the best materials available to maximize performance in any hunting environment.

With the release of APXg2 Russell Outdoors broke into the performance layering system market and they have never looked back. They continue developing new products and breaking the mold on performance gear.

Russell Outdoors is a division of Russell Brands, LLC, which is an authorized licensee of Mossy Oak, Realtree, and Kings Camo.

Popular Russell Products

  • L1 Alpine Bottom and Top
  • L2 Tundra Pullover
  • L3 Zepher Jacket and Pant
  • L4 Gale Jacket and Pant
  • L5 Cyclone Jacket and Pant