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About Primos

In 1963, an 11 year old Will Primos crafted his first call, a duck call that is now heralded as the most accurate, most reliable call on the market, the legendary Primos Brand call. If you ask an hunter who makes the best game calls, chances are they will say Primos.

Primos Hunting Calls manufacture calls for elk, deer, turkey, predator, and waterfowl as well as clothing and accessories. They also produce the very popular video series The Truth and the television show Primos TRUTH About Hunting.

With over 120 employees, and manufacturing around 620 products Primos checks the quality of their calls and gear. In 2002 Primos Hunting Calls moved in to a new 54,000 square foot facility located in Flora, Mississipi. The rapid growth of Primos forced them to expand to over 100,000 square feet in the summer of 2005.

Popular Primos Products

  • Hyper Lip Cow Call
  • Hoochie Mama Cow Call
  • Terminator Bull Bugle
  • Bow Hunter Vest
  • The Can Deer Call
  • Hot Dog Predator Call