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About Eberlestock

The Eberlestock Company was founded in 1985 by Glen Eberle who invented a rifle system that set the standard for modern biathlon competitions by removing four pounds from the rifle weight. Glen’s experience in the Olympic sport of biathlon, his hardcore solo wilderness hunting, his understanding of the military and above all his customers have made Eberlestock the Company that it is today.

In the hunting industry Eberlestock is known for the “Just One” series of packs which allow a hunter to go in light with a day pack, but when an animal is on the ground the same packs expands to cargo meat hauler. They wish every customer “Lots o’ Luck” with their Lucky Ring Logo which is a little bit of the heart of the company.

Eberlestock believes there are two pieces of equipment that can make or break a wilderness hunt, your boots and your pack. They have taken the pack out of the equation of faulty equipment with their top of the line packs!

Popular Eberlestock Products

  • JP9 Blue Widow
  • J107
  • X2
  • Mini Me