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Easton Archery has a rich history in the Archery field that dates back to 1922 when founder Doug Easton began making arrows and bows. In 1939 Doug Easton first used aluminum to make arrow shafts and the rest you can say is history. He incorporated his business in 1953, but Easton Sports, Inc was not officially formed until 1985.

Doug Easton became infatuated with archery when he was confined to a hospital for a year after being accidently wounded by a shotgun while hunting. To pass the time he read the book Hunting With a Bow & Arrow and he was from then on an archery fanatic.

In late 1987, Easton Sports opened an automated warehouse in Salt Lake City to better distribute the company’s products and support its long term goals. Today Easton Archery is a forefront leader in new technology in the arrow industry. Top archers trust Easton Arrows to take a gold medal or a trophy animal.

Popular Easton Products

  • XX75 Camo Hunter Arrow
  • Axis Arrow
  • Full Metal Jacket Arrow
  • Injexion Arrow

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