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With only a search of an “American Dream” in business ownership a young couple started Blacks Creek Guide Gear. Starting with only a small equine product line Blacks Creek Guide Gear has evolved greatly over the years and is now a front runner in the hunting backpack market.

In the beginning all production was done in the USA, in 1997 they moved US production overseas so they could stay competitive in the industry. At this time they continued building and designing amazing products.

In March of 2011, a corporate decisions was made to bring all manufacturing back to the US. By brining production back to the US Blacks Creek was able to stimulate their local economy by creating jobs, and supporting other US companies. They were also able to revise/produce/introduce “New” products throughout the year. Blacks Creek Guide Gear “USA” is a very humble and thankful company that thanks everyone for supporting their brand.

Popular Blacks Creek Products

  • Western Daypack
  • Canadian
  • G7 Daypack
  • G11 Backpack

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