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Never miss a hunting deal on Camofire again! We’ve created a variety of ways for you to keep up to date on the latest deals and even “Pull the Trigger” on the go. Now you’ve got no excuse!
Camofire App - For iPhone and Android New!
Our Latest (and greatest) addition to the Camofire alerts lineup! Download the free app on the App store or the Google Play Store and receive instant updates every time a new hunting deal goes up on Camofire. You can even shop and “Pull the Trigger” right from your phone!
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Daily Shooter Email - Know what deals are coming up the next day
For the real inside scoop, sign up for the Daily Shooter email which lands in your inbox every night around 11:00 MST. This email gives you a heads up on deals to expect the next day. The Daily Shooter combined with the Camofire App is a simply lethal combination in your quest for true trophy deals!
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