I just wanted to take a moment to give you, our valued customer, a brief explanation of the updates we’ve made to Camofire. Trust us, we’ve got so much more to improve upon and to make for a better experience for you but we’re excited about these advancements and wanted to highlight them for you.

1. Extra Item
If you’ve not seen it yet, you will the next time you “Pull the Trigger”. After pulling the trigger and arriving at the shopping cart you’ll see that we’ve added the opportunity for you to add an extra item. Here’s what it looks like:


The bonus here is that when you do add the extra item there is NO ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGE when you add this item to your cart.  We’ll be trying to link up the extra items with the main item so that it makes sense, (i.e. – a binocular strap when we have a set of binos on the site) but that won’t always be the case.

2. Shipping Calculator in the cart

You”ll notice on the image above or in the cart that you can now estimate your shipping without having to enter all of your billing information, something that has been quite honestly a pain in the butt.  The only catch to this is for our friends in Canada – you’ll still need to continue to the checkout to see your shipping costs.

3. One Page Checkout

When you “Continue to Checkout” you’ll now notice that instead of going from page-to-page to complete your purchase you can now enter all your information, see your order summary and “Process Order” from one page. We hope this will make it an easier and for most, a quicker way for you to “Pull the Trigger”.

4. Economy Shipping – Flat Rate

What is Economy Shipping? We have been testing a shipping program with UPS that involves UPS taking the package from our warehouse and starting the delivery. They transport the package all the way to your local post office and then USPS takes the package the rest of the way.   This is a new program and may have a couple of kinks in it, the main one being that it does take an extra couple of days to finalize the delivery.

For some locations that could mean a 5 day delivery from the time we ship it until the time it arrives. For others it could mean a 15 day delivery in an extreme case.

What is the Flat Rate? When you select Economy shipping it is a $6.99 flat rate anywhere in the US with UPS tracking on the order.

Why doesn’t the Economy Shipping Show up? For packages that weigh over 5 pounds, the Economy Shipping option is not available so you won’t see it displayed.


If you’ve got any questions about these updates or anything else feel free to comment below or drop us an email to We welcome any feedback you’ve got and appreciate you taking the time to do so.