A little over 5 years ago when Mark and I turned the lights on, we came to Christmas day and decided to do something a little different because well, it’s a very different day of the year for us and I suspect for you too. Rather than treating Christmas day just like any other day by offering up the best deals on hunting gear, we opted to create a limited edition Camofire T-shirt and sell it at our cost, no profit, no bean counting, just giving our customers and friends a cool T-shirt at a cool price.

Little did we know just how many of the Camofire nation would jump at the opportunity to snag a crisp new T on Christmas Eve and Christmas day as we saw how fast they disappeared. There I was in front of the computer watching the shirts “fly off the shelves”, all the while Mark and I are texting each other in amazement while we helped Santa get things ready.

By the time Santa had arrived, the shirts were gone and the Camofire faithful who hadn’t been up all night like the rest of us procrastinators were clamoring for more. So the following day we called up the printer and made another run for New Years. (the price does go up on New Years day just slightly from Christmas – you’ve been warned!)

So the tradition was born and every year, with your help as well, we create a Camofire Christmas T (or 4). We love doing this and hope you will love this tradition as well. Here’s a little sneak peak at this year’s Christmas T’s.

Merry Christmas from the crew!!