Idaho Archery Bear Hunt

This hunting recap/photo submission comes to us from a great customer of ours Andy Arnn.

I saw the other hunt recap on the forum page and thought I would share some pictures of my Idaho, archery black bear I harvested couple of days before Memorial day.

This was a do it yourself bear hunt that I do with a couple of buddies every year. It was a bait hunt with my tree stand set up 20 yards away. Three evenings of hunting and this big color phase bear came in.

I’m pretty happy with that bear . He has a big ol punkin head , and should make Pope and Young. I was using a Matthews bow, Gold tip carbon arrows, and Muzzy MX-3 100 grain broadheads. That muzzy put a hurtin on that bear. On the entrance the muzzy missed the ribs , but it was hard to believe how much blood shot meat or damage was done around the rib cage area . Took out booth lungs and just barely missed the heart . He only went about 30 yards before expiring , which was a good thing because he had so much hair I didn’t have a blood trail until right before he tipped over .

It sure was nice using the Sitka clothing for layering , and man am I sold on those 90 % pants . I have never wore some thing that was so quiet and comfortable.

The long hours in the tree stand where a lot more comfortable wearing Sikta clothing that I purchased from Camofire . Keep up the good work guys , and keep the deals coming.

Thanks Andy for the photos and for sharing them with the community.

Andy Arn - Idaho Archery Bear

Andy Arnn, Camofire customer and archery bear hunter

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