Wisconsin Deer Hunting

Wisconsin deer hunting has been a treasured tradition in the state dating back to 1851. Deer hunting in Wisconsin helped the residents to differentiate between different seasons of the year, and brought families and friends closer together.

Hunters and residential communities throughout the state have worked since the 1950s to develop sustainable hunting practices that would keep the deer count flourishing.

Written down below, we have your go-to guide for all things Wisconsin deer hunting.

Wisconsin Deer Hunting Regulations

Wisconsin has several different regulations that are enforced when hunting deer. Archery and crossbow season started September 17 and extends through January 8, 2023. Metro sub-unit guns are permitted from November 19 to December 7. Muzzleloader season is from November 28 until December 7, and the statewide antlerless hunt is from December 8-11.

The licensing requirements and pricing for deer hunting are dependent on your weapon of choice. You’ll also need a valid, unfilled harvest authorization. When you purchase your license you can have a harvest authorization issued to you. The types and numbers of authorizations will be dependent on where you are hunting in the state and what weapons you’ll use.

The Best Places to Deer Hunt in Wisconsin

According to realtree.com, “when it comes to record deer the entire state [of Wisconsin] lights up like a Christmas tree… Wisconsin is the No. 1 producer of giants, historically and based on modern data.” A few counties of particular interest during deer season are Buffalo, Dane, Richland, Sauk, Shawano, Trempealeau, Vernon, and Waupaca.

If you’re interested in hunting large-antlered bucks, Buffalo and Trempealeau are going to be the best counties to encounter them. If you are wanting to hunt in a less crowded area, and enjoy the peacefulness of nature, the federal forests are a good way to go.

White-tailed deer are most usually found in Waupaca, Marathon, and Shawano counties. You can also find success with crossbows and archery white-tail hunting in Sauk, Columbia, Taylor, and Adams counties as well as the Northern and Central Forests.

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