Winchester Call Out Knife

Product: Winchester Call Out Knife

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Description: Like Chuck Norris this Winchester Call-Out knife is all business. It even has the Texas Ranger star on the blade near the hilt.

At 9 1/2″ in overall length with a 4 3/4″ black coated stainless partially serrated drop point blade even Chuck would be proud to carry this. The handle is a black anodized aluminum and it comes with a solid black nylon belt sheath.

From cleaning big Texas

Whitetails to filleting a summer Steelhead on the Rouge River, you’ll be glad you brought the Call Out.

I’ve got a number of knives kicking around the house an in my gear closet but nothing quite like this one. It’s lightweight and has a pretty good blade. Word on the street is that Winchester knives are actually made by Fiskars (Gerber) but I’m not 100% sure about that. Either way, it’s worth picking up.

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