We’ve got this little event around these parts that we call SITKA SATURDAY. It’s basically where we roll off as many Sitka items in a 24 hour period that we can.


Here’s how it works.

  1. The first item goes up at 11pm
  2. Once it sells out, the next item will come up again
  3. IF, IF an item goes too long without selling out we’ll pull it and put the next item up
  4. We reserve the right to determine how long is too long but if you comment on the forum that it’s been “too long” we’ll listen.
  5. The fun ends at 11pm MST Saturday SUNDAY night.

* if the fun hasn’t lasted long enough then we’ll continue into Sunday.  Because of the demand and the clamor for the Ascent pants, we’re extending this party into Sunday

Good luck and thanks for checking out Camofire.com

Edit: Since we’re not listing all the items from this weekend as forum entries we thought that we’d keep a list here as a little recap.

  1. The Sitka Summit Zip-T started things off, this time at $38.29. It was pulled early thanks to a soccer game.
  2. Some said it was T-Shirt Tuesday when the Core Zip was next.  That might be a classic line.
  3. Sikta Cap in Mossy Oak Treestand and Realtree AP brought out a few cheers.
  4. Hello Traverse Gloves.
  5. The masses raised their voices and we listened – The Sitka Ascent Pants started off Sitka Sunday.
  6. The 2007 90% Pants are a solid performer. Mostly big sizes this go around.
  7. Last item for the Sitka madness was supposed to be the Core Crew shirt but we had a glitch so the Summit Crew Shirt was a pinch hitter.

Thanks again for a great weekend!