Stealth Cam STC-AD3X Scouting Camera

Product: Stealth Cam STC-AD3X Scouting Camera

Regular Retail Price: $299.99

Camofire Price: $109.00 – 64% OFF

Description: Scouting for elk, deer, bear, or whatever you’re hunting just got easier with the Stealth Cam STC-AD3X Scouting Camera.

This trail cam is just the edge you need to find out what animals are frequenting trails, watering holes, wallows and more. It mounts on a tree and with it’s 90ft flash range and 3.0 color megapixel images it’ll be like Christmas morning each time you check out the photos you’ve gotten.

The motion sensor can be programed to reset from 1-60 minutes in between motion. The housing is bomber and will perform through any weather mother nature throws at it.

Don’t leave your next hunt to chance – a stealth cam may mean the difference between getting the trophy buck or hearing about the trophy buck some guy got one ridge away.

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