Product: SITKA TIMBERLINE EXPEDITION BOTTOM – in Mountain Mimicry Pattern

Regular Retail Price: $89.99

Camofire Price: $40.25 – 55% OFF

The SITKA Summit Series includes the Timberline Expedition Bottom which is a light fleece backed insulating layer that will keep you warm when the temperatures cool off.

Although it’s ultra soft to the touch this is a rugged field tested piece that any outdoor athlete would appreciate. Designed to breath well and to wick moisture away from your body while you sweat, it also dries extremely fast.

Sitka included their Ultra Illuscent Max Anti-microbial treatment to keep your smell out of the wind of that 380 bull you’ve just called in to 30 yards.

Regardless of your activity – hunting, camping, fishing, even skiing – the Timberline bottom is one piece you’ll be glad you pulled on.

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