If you’ve been around for any period of time, then you know exactly what Sitka Saturday/Sunday is all about. If you’re new here, read below and remember to hit refresh on your browser to keep up with the back to back Sitka deals all weekend long.

So yes, say hello to SITKA SATURDAY and SITKA SUNDAY. What is is? It’s basically where we roll off as many Sitka items in a 48 hour period that we can.


Here’s how it works for those of you that are new to

  1. The first item goes up at 11pm
  2. Once it sells out, the next item will come up again OR it will change items when the timer reaches zero
  3. IF, IF an item goes too long without selling out we’ll pull it and put the next item up
  4. We reserve the right to determine how long is too long but if you comment on the forum that it’s been “too long” we may listen.
  5. The fun ends at 11pm MST Saturday SUNDAY night.


We’ve grown accustomed to this question and it’s getting harder and harder for us to work this out. We had hoped for a solution to be ready for this weekend but alas we didn’t get it completed. So, will we combine shipping from the weekend? We will do our best to combine your orders but if we miss one or two please understand that our system is built on wicked fast system and the adjustment for combining orders is very time consuming and is something we will be transitioning to by the month’s end. You will still pay the shipping on each order but if we are able to combine the orders then we’ll refund the difference from what you originally paid.

Items for the weekend will include (please don’t hold us to the order of this list):

  • SITKA Ascent 14 Pack
  • SITKA Ascent Pants
  • SITKA 90% Pants
  • SITKA Core Crew Shirt
  • SITKA Traverse Beanie
  • SITKA Traverse Zip T
  • SITKA Traverse Bottom
  • SITKA Nimbus Pants (Jacket will be the extra item with this)
  • SITKA Celsius Hat
  • SITKA Celsuis Bibs
  • SITKA Bivy 45 Pack
  • SITKA Celsius Vest
  • SITKA 90% Jacket
  • SITKA Shooter Gloves
  • SITKA Celsius Jacket

First Deal for Today: SITKA ASCENT 14 PACK


Regular Retail Price: $169.00

Camofire Price: $93.90 – 45% OFF

Good luck and thanks for checking out