Today’s First Deal: SITKA 2009 ASCENT PANTS

Regular Retail Price: $149.99

Camofire Price: $79.98 – 47% OFF Retail



Sitka really outdid themselves when they created the indestructible yet comfortable Ascent Pant. This lightweight hunting pant is ideal for early season bow hunting or anything where a lightweight rugged pant is ideal. Don’t just believe the hype, check out these details – four-way stretch soft and quiet material that’s abrasion/water resistant/wind resistant, highly breathable, DWR treated, storm proof zippers…the list goes on.

But do they work? Super quiet and some of the most comfortable pants you’ll ever wear in the field. Fully gusseted for comfort with fabric that easily stretches so regardless of what you have to climb over or crawl through this pant will not slow you down. Removable suspenders come included.

Even though there are a list of features, the best thing about these pants is the fact that they are built to eliminate bulk and perform without hindrance or trouble. Although they are a lightweight pant, if it’s super cold, throw on a base layer under these to extend their use from late summer into fall. If it’s warm out the breathability will have you smilin’. Step up with the Sitka Ascent and regardless of the conditions you’ll be set.

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