Real Hunting Magazine – Camofire Customer Exclusive Deal

We’re always looking for unique deals to put on Camofire so when we came across Real Hunting Magazine and talked to the boys up there in Idaho, we new we wanted to find a way to bring real hunting to your mailbox at a price. So we teamed up with Real Hunting Magazine to get you an annual subscription for $15 which is 40% off.

The Deal:

1 Year Subscription (6 issues) $15 – 40% OFF the normal price


Click here to go to the Real Hunting Magazine and use the code “camofire” to get the deal price.


About Real Hunting Magazine

From the Real Hunting Website:

“Many hunters have approached us and complained about how commercialized and unrealistic the hunting industry has become. If you go to a newsstand and flip through a few hunting magazines, you will see an ever increasing amount of professional hunters, canned hunts, and “horn porn”. True, every magazine does not fit this mold but the exception is becoming harder to find. We feel that the “real” hunter is getting left out and this magazine is our attempt to fix this problem. The solution: Real Hunting Magazine. We have worked hard to create a forum for real hunters to share their tales and trophies. We will accomplish this by providing high quality photos, real stories from every day hunters, and up to date hunting tips & tactics. Our primary focus will be on western big game: elk, deer, birds, bear, moose, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, antelope, and mountain lions.

This magazine is not meant to replace other hunting magazines, but to compliment existing ones. We believe a niche exists in the market Real Hunting Magazine is dedicated to the hardcore hunters that make sacrifices to hunt every chance they get. The hunters that save all their vacation time so that they can have a few extra days at hunting camp. The hunters who spend as much time scouting as they do actually hunting.”