Nebraska Deer Hunting 

Nebraska’s modern-day deer hunting season first began in 1945. Mule deer and white-tail deer were the first to be harvested from the Nebraska National Forest. In the years following 1945, up until today, deer hunting has become a wonderful state tradition.

In Nebraska, we take our deer hunting seriously (while having massive amounts of fun, of course).

Continue reading down below for information regarding updated deer hunting regulations in Nebraska, the best places in Nebraska to deer hunt, and the best gear for your deer hunting season. This is your go-to guide for Nebraska deer hunting.

Nebraska Deer Hunting Regulations

There have been several changes made to Nebraska deer hunting regulations. According to, “The goals of the changes are to maintain resident access to hunting permits and address declining mule deer populations in some areas of the state.”

One of the changes made to deer hunting regulations in Nebraska is the permit purchase dates. Residents were able to purchase limited deer permits starting July 12, 2022, and limited pronghorn permits on July 13, 2022.

State mandates also decided to give preference to residents for permit purchasing. Nonresidents were able to purchase permits about two weeks after residents.

The state of Nebraska also reduced the number of permits available to respect declining deer populations. A few areas that have become mule deer conservation areas include Upper Platte Unit and Pine Ridge.

Best Places for Nebraska Deer Hunting

In terms of the best places to deer hunt in Nebraska, eastern Nebraska is the way to go. If you’re looking for the most consistent region for deer hunting in the state. A few specific counties that are great places to start include Cass, Dodge, Gage, Cedar, Douglas, Lancaster, Johnson, Otoe, Jefferson, Sarpy, Richardson, and Pawnee.

For even more precise deer hunting locations, has an interactive atlas map, which is an awesome tool for hunters. You can purchase copies of this atlas wherever you get your permits, but it is suggested that you view it online so you can keep up with the changes as accurately as possible.

Gear Perfectly Made for Nebraska Deer Hunting

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