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We are very happy to announce that you will now have the opportunity to select a shipping option called “Combined Shipping” which will allow you to purchase multiple orders and combine them for up to 7 days. In a nutshell this is how it will work:

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Suggested Retail Price: $315.00

Camofire Price: $199.99 – 37% OFF


Kenetrek boots are some of the toughest and most long lasting yet comfortable mountain boots you can put on your feet. But the coolest part is how agile you may feel in them despite the rugged and tough constructions. The Hardscrabble Light like the rest of the line is a very tough and supportive hiker that they made lighter so each and every step results in less energy expended, allowing you to go mile after mile in search of your trophy buck.

The 2.0 mm full grain leather in all the right places provides the necessary support no matter the terrain you cover, and the heavily padded Cordura® nylon collars provide exceptional comfort. Slip these on and you’ll be very surprised just how comfortable, enough that you may be tempted to wear them day in and day out. Waterproof and breathable Wind-Tex® membranes keep your feet cool and dry while Kenetrek’s exclusive K-Talon™ outsoles provide excellent traction in any terrain.

The Hardscrabble Light brings together a great fit, performance, and support but weighs in at only 3.3 pounds a pair!

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