Camofire Holiday T-Shirts

If you’re new to Camofire, we have this tradition each year on Christmas Day. It started with our first year in business “way back” in 2008. When Christmas rolled around that first year, we wanted to do something a little different on Christmas. Rather than have it be yet another day of the best hunting deals around, we decided to make some Camofire T-Shirts and offer them up for our customers at cost. Our way of making Christmas a little different and giving you, our devoted customers, a limited edition tee shirt.

It’s that time of the year again, as we prepare for our Holiday Camofire T-Shirts! This year we have decided to let you, our customers have a say in the design of the shirt.

Here’s the deal, we don’t care if you draw your design on a napkin or design it in Photoshop. We just want to see your idea’s! You have a week from today to get your designs into us, PLEASE post your images to our Facebook TIMELINE. If you’re not on Facebook, please email the designs to

We will choose the winner Friday 11/15/13!!

The Winner will receive a $100 Gift Card to and 5 of the shirts that they designed!

Good Luck and we look forward to seeing your designs!!!