If you’ve followed Camofire.com for the past 4+ years then you’ll know that we love hosting the annual Hunt Success Photo Contest. It’s a great time to see the success of the many hunters we’ve been fortunate to help get set for their hunts, while at the same time sharing a glimpse of the adventure that took them to the mountains and back. Many of you, our valued customers have become friends and for that we are so grateful. We appreciate you sharing your photos and your stories of the one you got as well as the one that slipped away.

This year we have had an amazing number of fantastic shots submitted to the Hunt Success Photo Contest. Please accept a big thanks to all who participated and a special thanks to our sponsors, Sitka, Nikon, Badlands, Spypoint, Kershaw, Vanguard, and SOG for the prices they donated.

Below is a slideshow of many of the 400+ images we received this year. Kick back, watch the slideshow and enjoy a few moments to live a little through these images. May 2013 be the most rewarding hunts yet as you prepare for and then enter the mountains, hills, deserts, fields, woods and marshes in search of adventure and hunting success. We’re glad to be a part of that preparation, be it large or small.

Shoot Straight!

Kendall and crew