After (too) much delay we’re announcing the winners of the Camofire 2009 Hunt Success photo contest. There were a lot of great photos so we’re stoked to know that so many of our customers are out there finding success on their hunts.

After myself, Mark, Terry, intern Brian, buddy Paul and a couple others chimed in on the photos we actually agreed on the winners. So without any more delay here they are.

1st PLACE: Winning a Badlands Hypervent Pack in Realtee AP Pattern is Brent Creer and his Alaskan Brown Bear


2nd PLACE: Winning a Sikta Celsius Vest in Mountain Mimicry Pattern is Ty MacFarland and his South Dakota


3rd PLACE: Winning a Vanguard Bi-Pod Shooting Sticks is Paul Anderson and his Utah Bighorn Sheep


5 Runner Up Winners (in no particular order) who each will receive a Realtree Long Sleeve camo shirt are:

Casey Holen and his Whitetail Buck, Hicks family and the young boy’s Mule Deer, Brad Brian and his huge Brown Bear, David Koch and his Turkey, and Stacey Hunt and his backcountry Elk.

casey-holen-whitetail-buck hicks-family-sons-mule-deer brad-brian-brown-bear david-koch-turkey stacey-hunt-elk