About Camofire

Welcome to Camofire.com community forum!

Here in the forum you can see a history of our incredible deals chat with other hunters by commenting on any post. We encourage you to post your comments and hope you will return often.

Camofire is the hunters paradise for deals so good they should be illegal. We’re constantly on the hunt for hunting gear that is deeply discounted, and we’re ready to pass the savings on to you!

Fasten your seat-belts, this is going to be a fun ride!

Here’s how Camofire works

  1. Each night at 11pm MST we drop a new hunting deal on Camofire.com
  2. If you’re signed up for The Daily Shooter e-mail it will land in your inbox so you don’t miss out
  3. Watch the timer on the Camofire.com homepage too see how long you have to PULL THE TRIGGER, but remember that if you’re slow to the trigger the deal could be SOLD OUT in a hurry.
  4. Once the item is SOLD OUT, the site will move on to the next item…and repeat until 11pm.
  5. When 11pm MST rolls around and the hunt is on once again with a new deal.

We ask that you keep it clean, and be courteous of others.


–Camofire Crew