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About the Product

Take the guessing out of your trophy story. Wildgame Innovations’ Trophy Tape™ modernizes game scoring with an easy-to-use system that eliminates tedious math and time-consuming steps. Simply tape along the tines using the provided instructions to quickly and accurately reach your gross score. In less than five minutes, you’ve got a number to brag about and some jealous buddies wondering how you managed to pull it off.

Each pack contains three rolls of 200-inch tape, so you can get three healthy whitetail scores and still have tape left for blood trailing or trail marking. The bright orange stands out even in lowlight. Put Trophy Tape™ in your pack on your next hunt, and you’ll wonder how you ever hunted without it.


  • Fool-proof trophy scoring system
  • No math required
  • Fast, simple and accurate Also good for blood trailing, trail marking and yardage marking
  • Easily visible in low light
  • Includes 3-roll multi-pack with 600 total inches of adhesive tape

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