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Featuring high-resolution 18-megapixel processors and rapid sub-half-second trigger speeds, both Rival Cam 18 and Rival Cam 18 Light models combine dual onboard day-and night-optimized cameras with all-new Adaptive Illumination Technology to record crystal-clear images and stunning 5-, 15-or 30-second HD 720p video clips. Adaptive Illumination actually detects the distance the moving object is away from the camera and automatically adjusts the image exposure accordingly. That means no more washed out images of game that is too close, and no more underexposed images of animals at the far end of the camera's range. Additional features further enhance image quality. Customizable exposure control settings allow for fine-tuning of image clarity, while an anti-fog coating combats quality-robbing dew and moisture on the Rival's lenses. A matrix backlit LCD display allows for fast and intuitive programming and control over all camera settings and operations. The super stealthy Rival Cam 18 Lights-out employs a 42-piece high-intensity invisible Lights-out LED flash for detection and illumination out to 85feet. Best of all, Wild game Innovations' SLS technology means that both Rival Cams capture all the action without making a sound. Featuring remarkable battery life up to one full year on just eight AA Batteries and the ability to accept up to 32 GB SDHC cards, these remarkable performers don't require undue levels of babysitting. Set them and forget them; check them only when you want to, not because you need to.


  • 18 Megapixel with 85 Feet Invisible Black Flash Illumination Range. Daytime and Nighttime Photo and HD720P Video (5, 15, 0r 30 SEC.) Capabilities
  • Less than 1/2 second rapid trigger speed. Tru bark color and texture allows the Rival trail camera to blend into nature and Go undetected
  • Dual onboard camera System.1 camera for night and 1 for Day
  • Exposure control settings for improved image clarity
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