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We all have had our issues with lighters one way or another, even to a point where we all put out the cupped hand as a shield and the flame still blows out. Try a lighter that is built tough and it will change the way you see a lighter forever. The UST Stormproof lighters come in two options, the Trekker and the Delta. The Trekker is a more narrow cylandrical lighter which has a built in lanyard for your convenience. On the other side there is the Delta. The Delta is a more stout compact model. They both feature weatherproof casings and stormproof flames that can stay lit up to 80 mph winds! That's insane! Don't take a chance, and buy the last lighter you'll ever have.


  • Comes in two options: Trekker (Orange) & Delta (Black)
  • Both weigh a little over 2 oz
  • Weatherproof Rubber Casings
  • Stormproof flame that will hold a flame in up to 80 mph winds
  • Impact Resistant
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