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About the Product

If you are tired of tightening your arrow field tips after every shot, try Trophy Taker's Tight Point field tips. Utilizing a precision engineered O-Ring design to create a snug fit in the insert, Tight Points won't rattle loose like conventional arrow field points do. The O-Ring fit is designed to put enough pressure on the inside of the insert to prevent field tips from backing out while ensuring that the tip still easily threads into and out of the insert by hand. Add Trophy Taker's Tight Point field tips to your arrows this year and put an end to loose, loud and lost tips once and for all!


  • Size: 5/16"
  • Made in the USA
  • Weight: 85 grains, 100 grains, 125 grains
  • Works With:
  • Easton: Bloodline, Da Torch, Flatline, Hexx, FMJ 6mm
  • Beman: All Beman Arrows
  • GoldTip: Hunter, XT Hunter, Pro Hunter, Velocity Hunter, Velocity XT, Velocity Pro
  • Black Eagle: Rampage, Renegade, Deep Impact, Spartan, Outlaw
  • Carbon Express: Mayhem Series, RED, Blu, Maxima Series

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