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Sitting in a tree stand or blind this fall and into the winter months when the north wind blows can sap the energy and desire right out of you, especially when your hands start to get cold. The Team Realtree WINDSTOPPER® Muffler is the perfect addition to any sportsman’s gear bag for keeping your hands toasty warm. All those NFL quarterbacks can't be wrong. You've seen it, Lambeau field in the playoffs? We know that's what your tree stand can be like in November. Created for those days when the cold wind just seems to find a way under your collar, this muffler features a Goretex WINDSTOPPER lining to keep your body heat in and the cold out. Each end has an elastic cuff surrounded by warm and quiet Sherpa fleece while a quality snap buckle belt keeps in in place but also allows it to be moved around back when it's go time. A front small zip closure pocket keeps game calls and other small items handy. Insulated with an ample supply of Thinsulate you're sure to have warm hands this fall when it's time to pick up your bow and draw back on that 150+ whitetail buck.


  • Thinsulate Insulation for extra wamth
  • Windstopper liner from GoreTex
  • Small zip closure pocket
  • Elastic cuffs on each end to keep the cold wind out
  • Soft fleece interior
  • Quiet fleece exterior
  • Belt with snap closure buckle
  • High quality construction for long lasting durability
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