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Look Through your rifle Scope On Your Smartphone! Not only can you get a better shot off during that crucial moment of your hunt, but you can record the entire hunt. One of the most exhilarating moments of any hunt is looking through the scope at the animal you are about to shoot. Then that rush of adrenaline that comes right after you make that perfect shot. Now you can keep that feeling by recording it right on your smartphone with this Smartphone Rifle Scope Mounting system. Share it with your friends and family so they can join in the experience too. SnakeLook's smartphone rifle scope is designed for hunters and hobbyists to enhance the shooting experience. You can take photos and videos of the target via your scope. It does take some effort to align your phone with the scope mount, but once it's on, you will experience a view that you've never before witnessed. The device can be mounted on various rifle scopes and it will fit most kinds of smartphones on the market. Again, in order for this mount to fit, then your scope's Eyepiece diameter must be between 37mm - 45.5mm (1.46 - 1.79 inches).


  • Fits a Wide Range Of Rifle Scopes - Fits eyepiece Ocular from 37mm - 45.5mm (1.46 - 1.79 inches) outer diameter.
  • Fits most brands of smartphones with or without case. (58mm - 100mm in width or 2.28" - 3.93").
  • Made of durable aluminum with nice anodic-oxidation treatment for scratch resistance.
  • Strong PA plastic M5x8 screws (use 6 pieces or 9 pieces). Plastic screws won't scratch your scope.
  • The surface to connect smartphone has lined with soft material.
  • The phone can be positioned right, left or vertical depending on your preference and scope style.
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