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No one likes having to keep pulling their pants up while they are trying to stalk an animal. Sitka gear has constructed one of the most affective pair of suspenders on the market that can be used on any pair of hunting pants. They have evolved the old style of suspenders and equipped these suspenders with a bra clip fastening system that attaches to the newly reinforced webbing loops on the Ascent and Mountain pants. They also have a new cam lock that makes it easy to secure adjustments in length. The Sitka suspenders will outlast any suspenders you have in your closest due to the fact they are made of urethane elastic. With rubber grippers there is no need to worry about them slipping off your shoulders and getting in the way while drawing a bow or shouldering a rifle.


  • Made of urethane elastic
  • Rubber grippers
  • Bra clip fastening system
  • Cam lock adjustments
  • One size fits most
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