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The Compact Ferro Kit Weighs in at a mere 6 ounces. All inclusive unit to light a fire. A hollow tube to store putty, plus a built in carbide striker! This is a must have for every pack and vehicle!

Starting a fire is challenging in wind, rain, and poor weather. Introducing an efficient, non-toxic fire-starting kit for every survivalist, adventurer, hunter, and outdoorsman. This kit has everything you need to start a fire — a Ferro rod with storage space for putty, 2 0.5 oz. cans of our PYRO Putty, and a multitool knife that can be used as a striker.

This heavy-duty Ferro rod will help you start a fire whenever and wherever you need one! You can be confident when you have this firestarter with you, no matter the weather or situation.

Designed to burn through sleet, rain, wind, high altitudes, and a wide range of temperatures, the Phone Skope PYRO Putty Blue Winter Blend and Orange Summer Blend are essential additions to anyone’s 72-hour kit or survival supplies. The Blue Winter Blend will burn in temperatures from -20ºF to 70ºF, and the Orange Summer Blend will burn in temperatures from 40ºF to 110ºF.

The hollow tube for safe putty storage also acts as a piston-cylinder capsule to push the putty out. All of this kit is contained within 1 compact, highly-portable device. This is a must-have for every survival pack, off-road vehicle, and emergency preparedness kit!

The Compact Inferno Ferro Rod Firestarter Kit starts fires without toxic chemicals, drained batteries, or cheap lighter fluid. Add this to your camping, hiking, hunting, and prepper survival supplies and you’ll be ready for any situation. Don’t worry about expired fuel, drained batteries, or dead lighters — the Ferro rod creates fires through friction.


  • Compact Ferro Rod is small & lightweight with compartment to hold small amount of Pyro Putty Fire Starter
  • Includes 2 free .05oz Tins of Pyro Putty (1 Winter & 1 Summer)
  • Weight: 6oz
  • Waterproof & Weather-Resistant
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