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The Pro Line Sage Creek Breathable Stocking Foot Waders are built to keep you dry and cool. Because the material is a waterproof breathable fabric as the spring turns to summer you won't be standing around in a cooker but will be as comfortable as ever so you can focus on mending your line without a worry. These super comfortable waders include an inside velcro pockets that contains a repair kit as well as a drawstring around the upper chest for a good fit. A waist belt keeps you safe as well as keeping extra material from getting in the way as you cast or move through brush to get to your secret spot on the river. Additionally, the neoprene waterproof booties are super comfortable and have a fold over neoprene gaiter that includes a shoe lace hook to keep them in place despite strong currents. Stay cool, dry and comfortable all year round whether you're fishing or using them for duck hunting.


  • 100% waterproof
  • Polyester Poplin outer shell is laminated to high tech membrane that lets body heat and perspiration escape while keeping the wet and moisture out
  • Inside pocket with Velcro closure
  • Draw string on the upper chest for better fit
  • Belt loops and wader belt for safety
  • SIZING: Size according to your pant size and the neoprene bootie will stretch to fit. Runs true to size
  • SIZE APPROXIMATIONS: These are only approximations based on what we found when trying them on. Proline doesn't supply a sizing chart
  • M - Size 7-9.5 foot, 32-34 waist
  • L - Size 9-11.5 foot, 34-36 waist
  • XL - Size 11-12.5 foot, 35-38 waist
  • XXL - Size 12-14 foot, 38-40 waist
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