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There's no better way to transition from ski resort closures to summer heat than spring-time camping in the desert, so pack up your Disco 30 Sleeping Bag by NEMO Equipment and head south. This three-season, down-insulated sleeping bag is ideal for shoulder season in the desert and summers in the alpine, while it's unique construction is made for spacious sleepers so you can sleep comfortably wherever you find yourself outside the city. Designed with NEMO Equipment's Spoon shape, this bag is made with extra room in the knees and elbows to give you more room for sleeping on your side. Equipped with water-resistant down and a waterproof foot box, the down insulation stays dry and retains heat against rain-soaked tent walls or humid, southern weather. And intuitively designed for when you get too hot or cold, the Blanket Fold draft collar gives you a tucked in feeling that holds in your body heat, while the unique Thermo Gills ventilation lets you release heat without letting in cold drafts. When you want to get extra cozy, insert the NEMO Equipment's Fillo pillow to the integrated pillow pocket or zip together with the women's Rave sleeping bag.


  • Unique three-season sleeping bag designed for a better sleep
  • Water-resistant down retains warmth and loft when exposed
  • Durable shell material with waterproof foot box for protection
  • Noteworthy spoon-shape design gives more room for side sleepers
  • Technical ventilation system releases hot air for cooling down
  • External draft collar helps retain body heat on colder nights
  • Compatible with the brand's Fillo pillow and Rave sleeping bag
  • Founded in New Hampshire with designs that break the mold
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