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About the Product

This line is not an alternative to your Fall Arrest System and is not a replacement to your FAS. This rope is used in conjunction with your FAS to ensure you stay safely attached to the tree and your stand when going up and coming down. 30' Feet in length it should be installed as soon as your stand is up. To use it, you clip your FAS into one of the Pruski knot loops which easily slide up and down the rope as you ascend or descend. Should you fall with a slipped grip or misplaced step the Pruski knot will tighten and lock. The Pruski is designed to stop your fall immediately, keeping you off the ground and safe from harm. A safety line is a critical component of any well thought-out tree stand safety system. Falls are the number one cause of hunter injury every year. Protect yourself and take your safety seriously with The Safe-Line from Muddy.


  • Carabiner not included
  • Tree Stand Ascent and Decent Safety Line
  • Rated to 300lbs
  • Braided Nylon Construction
  • Reflective Pruski Knot Double Loops
  • Two Pruski Knots for Two Hunters
  • 30' Feet Long
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