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The Bow Hunter Convertible Gloves from Manzella offer an exclusive bow release collar that lets hunters wear their favorite release next to the skin while still protecting hands from the elements. One look at this and you'll be wondering why someone else didn't think of this sooner! Bowhunters know that wind, rain, snow and cold can stress hands and degrade grip strength, especially when holding on full draw and waiting for the right moment to release. The Convertible Gloves have a fleece shell that you can toss back when you shoot or have on to protect your fingers from the elements. The palm has a leather patch on it for better grip while the overall glove sports 40-gram Thinsulate™ Insulation. If it gets really cold and you're waiting in a treestand or ground blind, insert a heat pack in the heat pack pocket to stave off extreme cold. Convert your bow hunting experience to be a warm successful one with the Bow Hunter Convertible Gloves.


  • Thinsulate Insulation
  • Converts from mitten to fingerless glove
  • Magnet holds mitten in place
  • Leather palm for increased grip
  • MEN'S FITTING AND SIZING:Measure around your hand near the first knuckle on the palm
  • Sizes (girth):
  • XS(6-6½”)
  • S(7-7½”)
  • M(8-8½”)
  • L(9-9½”)
  • XL(10-10½”)
  • WOMEN"S FITTING AND SIZING: Measure around your hand near the first knuckle on the palm
  • Sizes (girth):
  • S(5-5½”)
  • M(6-6½”)
  • L(7-7½”)
  • XL(8-8½”)
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