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These belts are amazingly comfortable due to a focus on anatomically sewn nylon that it doesn’t crush your hipbones. We have worked to craft a belt that is very, very comfortable but very low profile. Take a close look: it’s not just a span of Cordura. Instead, numerous darts and seams are designed to drape the belt around you in a fashion that carries lots of weight without pain, and stays put too – no matter if you are a small hip-less guy, a woman, or have a bit of padding. Even cinches down well over layers of clothing. Some of our belts are deceptively thin, but anatomically contoured to eliminate hot spots and spread weight over a large portion of your pelvic area – where you are designed to carry weight. Don’t let it fool you… massive padding is NOT necessary to adequately handle large loads – we make absolutely the most comfortable waistbelts ever offered on a military pack. Exclusive Power Pull lets you bring the pack weight into your lumbar area with a forward pull – this mechanical advantage is much easier and more efficient than a rearward pull This System’s straps (1 ea. side) help bring the load into your center of gravity – your lumbar area. Just pull on the straps – you’ll immediately feel the whole bottom portion of the pack snug up into your lower back. The Deltas dramatically stabilize the load. Proven time and again since 1979 under the Mountainsmith label Compatible with: Antero Shape Charge Checkpoint Door Gunner 14’r


  • Suspension type: Omni Padded PALS
  • Small belt: 28"-33"
  • Medium belt: 34"-38"
  • Large belt: 39"+
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