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About the Product

These belts are amazingly comfortable due to a focus on anatomically sewn nylon that it doesn’t crush your hipbones. Kifaru has worked to craft a belt that is very, very comfortable but very low profile. Numerous darts and seams are designed to drape the belt around you in a fashion that carries lots of weight without pain, and stays put too – no matter if you are a small hip-less guy, a woman, or have a bit of padding. Even cinches down well over layers of clothing. Some of Kifaru's belts are deceptively thin, but anatomically contoured to eliminate hot spots and spread weight over a large portion of your pelvic area – where you are designed to carry weight. Don’t let it fool you… massive padding is NOT necessary to adequately handle large loads – Kifaru makes absolutely the most comfortable waistbelts ever offered on a military pack.


  • Small (waist) 31" - 34"
  • Medium (waist) 34" - 38" Large (waist) 39" - 46"
  • This System’s straps (1 ea. side) help bring the load into your center of gravity – your lumbar area
  • Power Pull lets you bring the pack weight into your lumbar area with a forward pull – this mechanical advantage is much easier and more efficient than a rearward pull
  • Duplex Suspension System provides internal frame comfort, external frame utility
  • PALS panels on the belts offer more pouch attachment
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