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About the Product

Outfit your bow with the G5 Optix XR2 2 Pin Sight and you will be shooting one of the ultimate sights for extreme hunters. It combines 1 fixed pins with 1 hybrid floating pin to give you the option to dial right on extended shots. This sight features a magnesium frame, 3x micro-adjustments, a harmonic dampener, and third axis adjustments, and you have one of the most precise archery sights ever developed. Don't settle for less than the best sight, shoot the G5 Optix XR2 2 Pin Sight and be ready for whatever the outdoors throws your way.


  • New improvements to the floating pin design allows adjustments down to the yard
  • Large adjustment knob with vinyl windage tape
  • 3x micro-adjustments
  • Third axis tuning
  • 100% Magnesium
  • Corrosion-resistant components
  • Harmonic Dampener
  • Built-In Visor
  • Arrow Bumper
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