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The Flextone Uncle Si Series Turkey Call Kit is a force to be reckoned with. This kit includes the Turkey Mob 3 Mouth Calls, the Si-clops Push Pin Turkey Call, and the Si-Yonara Jack Glass pot call. Each of these three elements were built and thrown together to better your chances on getting a gobbler this season. Each Mob mouth reed has it's own signature feel and sound from Super Raspy to Ultra Clear. The Push Pin Si-clops turkey call is so easy that anyone and we mean EVERYONE can use it. It's Walnut box uses a striker with a responsive peg that shout out yelps, clucks and purrs like an expert. S-Yonara will be the words under your breath after using the simple and easy to use glass pot call. The glass surface is used for creating High Frequency calls and when you combo that with the Magnum Hickory striker, you produce a loud crisp turkey call that will have them flying from each direction. Fill your tags this season with the help from Flextone!


  • Each Kit includes the following: (1)- Hustler mouth reed, (1)- Gangster mouth reed, and (1) Mobster mouth reed; (1)- Si-Clops push pin turkey call; and (1)- Si-Yonara Jack glass turkey pot call & Hickory striker
  • No matter if you are a novice or an expert, you will love this easy to use kit this Turkey Season
  • Mob 3 Turkey calls are made out of .0025 medical-grade latex which makes them easy to blow with little air
  • The Si-Clops utilizes a Walnut box nad striker with a responsive peg to shout out yelps, clucks and purrs in seconds
  • The Si-Yonara Jack pot call features a glass surface that produces high-frequency sounds and the Magnum Hickory striker is great for volumizing that sound and also includes an Abrasion pad for conditioning glass surface
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