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The CVA Paramount Muzzle Brake is designed specifically for CVA Paramount muzzleloaders but is also compatible with many other black powder rifles. Muzzle brakes have been a product primarily used on centerfire rifles and many muzzleloader hunters have been adding them to their guns in recent years. This brake offers a standard 3-port design, but one of the unique features is the enlarged first port. This larger port allows for removing cleaning patches with ease, instead of them getting stuck in the brake. With a muzzle brake on a muzzleloader, this is one of the largest pain points, which is why CVA specifically designed the brake to not hinder the cleaning process. While muzzleloaders are primarily known for having lower recoil than centerfire rifles, the newer muzzleloaders that have been released offer faster ignition and more velocity, which equates to more felt recoil. The CVA Muzzle Brake will greatly reduce the recoil of muzzleloaders like the Paramount and Paramount Pro, which can use up to 140 grains of Blackhorn 209. The self-timing design of this CVA brake is a breeze on muzzleloaders with threaded muzzles, allowing for installation at home, without needing a gunsmith. When using a muzzle brake, there are a few additional accessories that are needed in using your muzzleloader. Both the CVA Field Funnel and bullet starter will be required to load your muzzleloader properly. Additionally, we recommend the use of at least a 4” cleaning jag on your cleaning rod, because of the additional length of the barrel.


  • .40 Caliber Fits: .40 Caliber CVA Paramount, Paramount Pro, Accura MR-X, Accura LR-X
  • .40 Caliber Threading: 3/4x20
  • .45 Caliber Fits: .45 Caliber CVA Paramount & Paramount Pro
  • .45 Caliber Threading: 3/4x20
  • .50 Caliber Fits: .50 Caliber CVA Paramount & Paramount Pro
  • .50 Caliber Threading: 3/4x24
  • Self Timing
  • 3 Port Design
  • Enlarged Patch Port for easy Access
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