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Impeccable clarity, amazing color. That's what you'll get from the Attack, both day and night. Cuddeback's exclusive SmartColor Image Technology™ is state-of-the-art image processing that results in exceptional color. Attack's 1.5" Xenon Strobe Flash has a REAL 50-foot range and will freeze action in its tracks. Cuddeback has phenomenal trigger speed and Centered Subject Technology™, which means you'll see virtually every deer that goes by. Attack features even faster trigger speed (1/4 second) and longer battery life than any Cuddeback ever.


  • At 1/4 second, Attack's Trigger Speed is fast enough to catch a deer running over 20 feet per second!
  • Centered Subject Technology combines fast animal with fast trigger speed to assure you'll get more deer centered in the image
  • Attack takes high-quality 10, 20 or 30-second videos both day and night—plus, you get a still image
  • Attack takes color images which feature Cuddeback's SmartColor Image Technology
  • Forget or lose your SD card? Attack will still take images
  • Attack can take over 10,000 images on a set of batteries
  • Guard Duty automatically takes a photo every 12 seconds during daylight hours so you can monitor a stand site or field for activity.
  • A rotary knob, two buttons, and a switch operate everything
  • Copy images on the spot from SD card to flash drive
  • Make sure your Attack is properly aimed with Test Mode
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