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About the Product

Early Chinese archers dispensed with their swords as back-up weapons and used a mace instead. Armor had become sophisticated enough to stop a sword blow, but a heavy mace could crush helmets and armor by concussive force alone. The Cold Steel® Chinese Mace is a highly versatile design we believe any Chinese soldier or archer would be proud to own. The classic head is reminiscent of a pumpkin in shape and is approximately 3 inches in diameter. It is welded to a steel shaft handle that is wrapped with leather for a firm grip. The handle is long enough to accommodate a two-handed grasp for more power and leverage. It is surprisingly well balanced and with its weight at a little over three pounds, it has enough heft to make it an efficient weapon to face an opponent wearing mail or plate body armor. It will make a fine addition to any reenactor’s collection.


  • Weight: 52.6oz
  • Overall length: 22in
  • 1055 Carbon steel
  • High carbon steel family
  • Head diameter: 3 1/2in
  • Welded steel shaft handle

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