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Having a hands free carrying solution for your bow can be hard to find. Not only that but one that you can find time to hurry and remove when the times comes. Luckily for you, the Bonewhacker Sling-A-Ling is the perfect combination of both worlds. The Sling is primarily built with 300 feet of 7-strand 550 paracord, allows you to have a lightweight system that is also incredible durable while also gives you that length of paracord as an emergency prep sense. This system easily attaches to your bow but the coolest thing is actually the magnetic system they have in place. Each Sling comes with a Neodynium Magnet that easily mounts to your bow but this Combo also includes their Sling Lock Magnet which offers a more pulling force ensuring the sling stays attached at draw while also being easier to find. What this allows is for you to be able to leave this sling attached even when hunting and then when the time comes you simply guide the sling to the included magnet mounted on your bow and that keeps it out of the way and safe to shoot.


  • This comes with the Sling-A-Ling + the Sling Lock Accessory Magnet
  • Comfortably and securely carry your bow hands-free all day long in the backcountry
  • Quickly and quietly shoot without removing it from your bow
  • Never again use a rope to hoist/lower your bow from your stand
  • Stabilize your binoculars - by strapping the sling around your neck draping your bow in front of you
  • Keep your hands free while at the range
  • Use it as a survival tool - 300 Feet of Paracord
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