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About the Product

The Bloodsport Impact Hunter is one of the best hunting arrows ever designed. The proprietary Rugged Wrap™ Construction process provides a much thicker carbon wall than competing shafts, which makes the IMPACT HUNTER™ one of the toughest arrows ever built. The ultra small diameter means greater penetration and less wind drift. With the IMPACT HUNTER™ you have the perfect combination of accuracy, toughness, and pass thru impact!


  • Designed for hunters
  • Blood Ring technology
  • 2" blazer vanes on fletched arrows
  • 300 Spine: .255"
  • 350 Spine: .245"
  • 400 Spine: .238"
  • 500 Spine: .231"
  • 300 Spine: 11.7 grains per inch,350 Spine: 10.2 grains per inch,400 Spine: 9.1 grains per inch ,500 Spine: 8.2 grains per inch
  • Nock: Bohning F-nock
  • Nock Weight: 8 Grains

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