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About the Product

Performance in a boxer is where base layers for a day spent in the mountains or spent on the job should begin. The BlackOvis Realm Tech Boxer featuring an ultra high performing and lightweight Polartec fabric combined with the BlackOvis Venture lightweight tech merino is the perfect marriage between performance and durability for your boys. Speaking of your boys, one of the signature built in features is the pocket for your boys so they rest comfortable and natural, vs being smashed and compressed...well, you know. This pocket keeps things hanging without...hanging. Moving on to performance, the BlackOvis 150g/m Venture merino fabric is built into the inner thighs for softness. Maximum scent management is accomplished by the use of a natural biocide (peppermint oil) to inhibit the growth of odor causing microbes in the fabric. Say hello to your new favorite high performance, ultra soft and highly comfortable boxer with the BlackOvis Realm Tech Boxer Brief and say goodbye and good riddance to the tightey-whiteys forever.


  • Wight: 2.8oz
  • POLARTEC is the KING of Synthetic fleece textiles with plenty of stretch, warmth and air permeable properties
  • Lightweight (115g/m) synthetic Polartec fabric that is highly breathable
  • Lightweight (150g/m) merino fabric that is super soft and stretches in the inner thighs
  • Moisture wicking and fast drying properties
  • 100% Polyester
  • Made from RECYCLED materials
  • Contains a natural biocide (peppermint oil) to inhibit the growth of odor causing microbes in the fabric
  • 5" inseam length (size L reference)
  • FIT TIP: Runs true to size for a comfortable fit (32-33 is recommended for size M, 34-35 size L)
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